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Tea Classes

We offer two different classes in 2020:  the “Introduction to Tea Enjoyment” class and the “Tea and Food Pairing” class.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

“Introduction to Tea Enjoyment” Class

Here we will introduce you to the rich world of tea and all its basics. Topics included are:


     Tea Types: White, Green, Oolong, Black – what are the differences, and how is tea processed? What is the amount of caffeine in each type?

     Well-known tea gardens and countries? Tea and Health

     Prepare the perfect pot of tea, every time - you brew your tea with other participants like we serve in the tea room

     Tea Tasting: compare four types of teas in terms of appearance, taste, aroma

     Sensorial evaluation

Price: $85, included material, handouts, voucher discount 20% to purchase at Tea Time (valid at the same day only).

Image by Briana Tozour

“Tea and Food Pairing” session

Here we move beyond the basics and further into tea quality, flavor and tea pairing with food. The topics included are:

     Tea grading – measuring the quality of different teas

     Tea Tasting and terminologies to describe flavor profile  – Featuring Darjeeling “The champagne of tea”.

     Pairing tea and food: five-course menu and five teas to pair with

Price: $95, included material, handouts, voucher discount 20% to purchase at Tea Time (valid at the same day only).

Participants & Location

The participants can be individual (students, friends, couple, kids & parents) and/or groups (schools, companies) who wish to discover the rich and adventurous world of tea. Or just come and have a fun and relaxing tea experience.

Each class is a stand-alone unit. However, you are encouraged to attend the introduction and then the intermediate class as a follow-up. No pre-knowledge is required.

The class takes place at our Tea Time tea room on appointment after you have purchased the ticket with us. For purchasing please call our tea room 650-328-2877 or order online.

Online Order

Please click the class you want to join:


Thao Nguyen: Business Manager of Tea Time , Palo Alto and Lisa's Tea Treasures, Los Altos. Responsible for in and off-site tea tasting events, selecting & purchasing Tea Time’s extensive tea assortment and merchandizing, Marketing and Sales.


Tim Pham: Food technologist, 16+ years experience in the Food and Drink industry. Responsible for Quality assurance and Sensory tasting. Responsible for Marketing and Sales to whole sales and specialty stores. 

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