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2021 Tea Room Menu

We have a tea list of more than 120 loose-leaf teas and a food menu that pairs with the teas. At Tea Time you can have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and a light supper.

Visit us and try freshly brewed tea that varies from Oolong, Darjeeling, Assam, Sencha to Masala Chai or Herbal and Tisane blends.

You should try the high tea for a complete afternoon tea experience that is served whole day which includes tea your choice, a savory, two sandwiches, scone and mini desserts of the day. For a lighter tea fair please pair your tea with the traditional English tea sandwiches, crumpets, scones or soups and salads.

The in store made products are freshly baked, prepared according to unique Tea Time recipes such as scones, crumpets, sandwiches and more. You can ask our tea staff for advice teas to pair with food.

For desserts we offer French pastries and popular high tea desserts such as tarts, mousse and more.

Tea Time starts here!


Tea of your choice, finger bite-size savory & side salad, sandwiches (3*), scone (1*), mini desserts, brie, mixed nuts, seasonal fruits.



Tea of your choice, vegan savory, vegan Sandwiches, vegan and gluten-free scone, seasonal fruits.



Tea of your choice, veggie pie & side salad, sandwiches (3*), scone (1*), tea cookie, seasonal fruits.


CHILDREN TEA 27.95 PP (3-12 YRS)

Tea, or hot chocolate milk, or lemonade, tea sandwiches (2*), pizza bites, mini desserts, seasonal fruit and ice cream.



Tea of your choice with a choice

1-CHOICE $23.95, 2-CHOICES $29.95, OR 3-CHOICES 33.95 PP – 

A. Sandwiches (3)

B. Scones & Devonshire, with fruit

C. Savory finger bite-size grilled vegetarian tartlets

D. Savory pie

E. House Salad

F. Fruit Plate

 J. Assorment of mini desserts or lemon bar, raspberry almond tart

or Russian tea cakes, or lemon cheesecake

Choices for the Lighter Tea Fares and Side Orders

Sandwiches $14.95 for three, $28.95 for six

Chicken-apple-walnut, Cucumber cream cheese, Egg salad, Turkey-apricot-brie,

Salmon cream cheese, Shrimp avocado, Pesto-walnut, Fig-apple-walnut.


Scones & Devonshire $11.95 for two, or $15.95 for three

Raisin, Blueberry, Cinnamon, or GF scone served with homemade clotted cream, lemon curd, and jam


Finger bite-size savory & salad $11.95

Grilled mini veggie roll (2*) & veggie tartlet served with a seasonal side salad tossed in home dressing


Savory pie $11.95

Baked vegetarian English pie served with a seasonal side salad tossed in home dressing


Garden Salad Meal $11.95

Seasonal salad tossed in home dressing

add a scoop of Chicken-apple-walnut, Egg Salad for $4.95, or Shrimp Avocado for $5.95


Dessert tray & fruits $11.95

Your choice of the dessert of the day, a Lemon bar, a Raspberry almond tart, mini desserts,

cheesecake, or Russian tea cookies and seasonal fruits

Add mixed nuts for $3.95, or Brie for $4.95

One person Tea or Coffee, & free cookies $11.95

Tea served in a pot, no refills.

Dark roasted French Press coffee

Both can be made hot or iced, served with cookies

Tea Selection

Black tea: English Breakfast, Earl Grey Finest, Assam, Sessa, Darjeeling Oaks, Ceylon OP, Yunnan, Pu-Ehr Toucha

Green tea: Sencha Yamato, Gen Mai Cha.

Chinese organic Mao Jian, Lung Ching Dragon Wells

Oolong tea: Formosa Imperial, Jade Oolong, Ti-Kwan-Yin, Champagne Oolong 

White tea: Flower Power, Bai Mu Dan

Herbal tea (caffeine-free): Mango Passion fruit, Sweet Peach, Lavender Chamomile Decaf Mango Black tea, Decaf Assam, Decaf English Breakfast

Flavored: Butter Truffle, Black Currant, Vanilla black tea, English Rose, Mango Indica, Japanese Cherry, Emperor’s Seven Treasures, Emerald Forest

Chai: Regular Chai, Herbal Chai, Decaf Chai



1. For a total overview of 95+ different teas, please ask for the GREEN LOOSE TEA MENU

2. Recommend smelling or “sniffing” tea jars for a better tea enjoyment

3. 10% off loose tea purchase for Afternoon tea customers.

To Go Tea Hot, Iced, or Boba


Any tea, your pick!


TO GO BOBA TEA $7.95, 22OZ.

House milk tea, Chai Latte, Tea Mojito, Lychee Burst