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Let Us Cater For You!

Image by Sebastian Coman Photography

If you want to take out the tea sandwiches, crumpets, desserts, and teas it is possible too! It will make a perfect and light meal for your business meetings or coming-together at the office, or your own private tea party at home.

Our tea sandwiches, crumpets, desserts will be boxed in catering boxes convenient for you to take away. The tea comes in tea urns which we will lend you. Everything is ready for you to pick up at our tea room. Please let us know a minimum of three days in advance.

We also do a  full catering service at your office, garden, and club.

Reservation and question

Please call us and ask for our Catering and Party Manager, who will help you to arrange your event. To reserve your event space and date, just call us at (650) 328 2877. You can also email us at We will need your credit card information to hold the reservation.


When you place an order we will ask for your payment with either credit card or cash. There will no refund after the order has been processed and paid. 

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