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Troublefree Danish tea strainer. Available in size 1 (7cm [2.75"]) and size 3 (11cm [3.54"]). Size 1 can served for Small to Medium size tea pot, and size 3 can served for Medium to Large size tea pot. Cotton material. Product of Denmark. Machine washable. With this convenient tea 'sock' you can brew tea to any strength, flavor, and aroma. They give the tea leaves more circulation and space to expend. The result is a perfect cup or pot of tea every time. It fits most tea pots and water kettles. Made in Denmark of unbleached cotton. Brewing and cleaning is easy. 1) Place one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of you favorite tea into the strainer. Place it into a tea pot or tea mug. 2) Pour hot water and let steep for 3-5 minutes depending on the kind of tea. 3) Remove the tea "sock" and Enjoy. Care Instructions Empty the sock once it has cooled. 1. DO NOT BLEACH tea sock do take on the tints of the variety of herbs, teas used with it. when it turns a lovely brown shade from tea stains. This is a natural seasoning process. 2. NEVER WASH WITH SOAP (and certainly not with any chemical). After emptying, completely rinse with warm tap water. Hanging to air dry (sunlight provides an extra freshening effect)

Danish Cotton tea strainer

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