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Flower Composition
Afternoon tea June special

Only someone who prays, who has an intense spiritual life, can have the capacity to know how to distinguish God’s voice in the midst of many other voices that dwell in us


Organic tomato soup with light garlic, parsley, and basil


​Savory & Salad

An assortment of vegetarian mini savories served with a light salad drizzled with olive oil, vinegar


Tea Sandwiches

Chicken apple walnut, turkey cranberry, egg curry,

cucumber cream cheese, salmon capers, fig-pesto-brie

(note: varieties of sandwiches can change based on availability)


In-house baked scone served with clotted cream, lemon curd

Mini Desserts

A seasonal assortment of mini desserts 

Fruit & Cheese

Seasonal fruits and cheese slices


Assam blend: A black tea from India with a robust body and a malty cup, featuring a deep ruby color

Sencha strawberry: A green tea from China with a floral and fruity cup and a garden-green lushness

Rooibos pure: An exhilarating and rejuvenating red bush tea from South Africa

$59.95 per person

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