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Here we will introduce you to the rich world of tea and all its basics. Topics included are:

  • Tea as a way of life
  • Tea Types: White, Green, Oolong, Black &ndash what are the differences, and how is tea processed?
  • What is the amount of caffeine in each type?
  • Where does tea come from?
  • Prepare the perfect pot of tea, every time
  • Tea Tasting: compare four types of teas in terms of appearance, taste, aroma
  • Tea and Health

Location Time: Tea Time Tea Room, 542 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA-94301. Class starts 11 AM-4 PM. Please call in for an appointment.

The fee for the Introduction to Tea Enjoyment Class is $135 per person. This includes written materials, tea tasting, tea samples to take home, and a 30% off coupon to shop at Tea Time at the workshop.

Instructors: Thao Nguyen and Tim Pham

Introduction to Tea Enjoyment Class

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